Features ETA
Copy URL to Clipboard while Saving URL from Extension 1-2 months
Short keys to use within the dashboard 1-2 months
Faster Kindle import after initial import 1-2 months
Annotations: Markup Editor for notes, Regional, Full page Screenshots & images 1-2 months
Dark mode for chrome extension 1-2 months
List view for Cards 1-2 months
Sub-basket Sorting Functionality 1-2 months
Swipe Reddit, Quora, Pinterest, Linkedin Posts 1-2 months
Focus Basket 1-2 months
Create Project using cards 1-2 months
Add capability to change folder colors of Basket 1-2 months
Folders to have customisable thumbnails to it for visual cues. 1-2 months
Import from CSV/spreadsheet, browser bookmarks 1-2 months
Adding a default Tag as "uncategorised" 1-2 months
Turn off extension button (Overall OR Specific Website) 2 + months
Nested tags 2 + months
Robust chat with mention user using @user, enhanced alert system and silence & Personal mention area 2 + months
Custom domain Public Share URL 2 + months
Create Multiple Share Link & Analytics for Shortlink URLs 2 + months
Save URL on all Open Tabs with a Single Click 2 + months
Commenting Shortcuts 2 + months
Native apps for Android and IOS and Computer 2 + months
Add the ability to Attach any Files Inside a Card 2 + months
Swipebasket Extension for Firefox & Safari Browser 2-3 months
Integration with Zapier 2-3 months
Selecting Multiple Tags at the same time for Search 2-3 months
Add Workspaces 2-3 months
Weekly Review Mail 2-3 months
Draging baskets to Another as Sub-basket 3+ months
Save Things by Email 3+ months
Swipe Image Only 3+ months
Automatic Tagging 3+ months
Swipe & Save Pdf's 3+ months
Public Basket & Short Link 3+ months
Short Links for Kindle Highlights 3+ months
Custom Reminder in the Chrome Extension for Every Swipe 3+ months
Import Kindle Highlight from a TXT file 3+ months
Select Multiple Cards & Add Tags 3+ months
Opening All Cards in Basket with a section showing all open cards as a clickable list 3+ months
Provide Next Button to make it easy to move from one card to other 3+ months
Basket Ownership Transfer 3+ months
Team member Email Change 3+ months

Not Scheduled Yet

Features ETA
Copy cards to duplicate and move -NA-
Otion to Add Title, Note which capturing texts from the web -NA-
Integrate Kindle like E-readers (e.g. Kobo) -NA-
Import Selective books from kindle -NA-
Group & Category Member Sharing -NA-
Import Diigo Data to Swipebasket -NA-
Edit the Swipe Cards in Popup (RnD Stage) -NA-
Swipe Instagram Stories, Reels, IGTV (RnD Stage) -NA-
Swipe Facebook Ad Library page (RnD Stage) -NA-
Export kindle highlights from Readwise -NA-
Import Notes/Cards from Evernote/Pocket etc -NA-
Use third party storage like Google or Dropbox instead of our storage -NA-
Swipe TikTok Content -NA-
iBook highlights from Mac -NA-

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