We are Swipebasket! Your easy solution to swipe, save and organize EVERYTHING.

When we launched our company our mission was to simplify the way everyone manages and stores web content.

If you are like me and you browse the internet a lot, just to save an ad, a video clip, an interesting article or a recipe you usually forget about later, then this app was MADE for you!

We developed the software with YOU in mind. Our goal initially was to help people save YouTube videos, screenshots and Facebook ads, but somehow we got popular and with that popularity came great responsibility, so we added more fun features.

Are you an online marketer and want to save ads or copy for a swipe file?

Just swipe & save.

A graphic designer that wants to save images for inspiration?

Swipe & save.

A web designer that wants to save funnels for inspiration

Swipe & save.

An avid chef and love to cook?

Just swipe your favorite recipes and save them.

Are you a student and need to brush up on your notes?

Swipe and learn!

Are you a book worm and you love saving your favorite quotes or parts of your Kindle books?

You can now highlight them, swipe and save them!

Messy is no longer cool.

Never forget where you stored your favorite shopping website, a restaurant review, a cool design or simply a quote from your favorite Kindle book. With one swipe you can now save and organize them in baskets that you can name, tag and share with your friends.

You can access your content easily, from any device any time and while you’re having fun with it, our daily newsletter e-mail will always remind you of items you saved, even those from long ago!

So go ahead! Have some fun, stay organized and SWIPE away!


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